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Ho Lee Co., Ltd.  to trace back to 1973, when its founder set up the first plastic injection factory in Danshui Taiwan,
as the dominant supplier of high-frequency welding parts at the time, for wide range of PVC inflatables from air valves, plastic grommets,
water plugs to oar locks, rope holders and other PVC boat parts which all are still going strong today.
After 40 years of assiduity and endeavor in manufacturing, it soon became the leading and most respectable enterprise in its industry seeing that Ho Lee continues with new innovation and development, which quickly outgrew its facilities in Taiwan.During the 1990’s, two ISO certified factory were established in Dongguan, later in 2000 Ho Lee started another factory in Shanghai to fortify and expand its manufacturing sites. Then by market demand and relocation advantages, our signature designed factory in Zhejiang also ISO certified finally came online in 2009 to service customer mainly from central to the northern shore of China and as an alternative source for domestic business. 

As Ho Lee embraces its first product line from mass high-frequency welding parts to nowadays various types of heavy-duty plastic & electric air pumps as well as professional aluminum oars and kayak paddles. The new objective now is to pursue our faith in the environmental protection and be part of this GREEN world we lived in today; in which Ho Lee has introduced many new eco-friendly products such as outdoor potty toilet with biodegradable bags, low voltage electric filter pump for swimming pools, SPA & water saving pools to help consume less water resources for the globe. Not to mentioned all our electric or electronic for leisure consumer products can meet or in compliant with RoHS/WEEE/REACH for the required countries as well as other safety regulations. Most importantly, successful audits have been achieved frequently at the factory, which bestow this enterprise always in a friendly professional manner with customer worldwide. No doubt Ho Lee is your best choice and ideal place for a reliable long-term business partner and team player.

In spite of all the existing equipment that requires running a normal operation in a factory, both of our Taiwan & China factories continue to enhance new machinery and advance aged equipment. Following are some of the listed equipment we have for each department:

50~1000 Ton Vertical to Horizontal Injection Molding machines, 55~95mm Blow Molding machines, 45~100mm Extrusion Molding machines, Stamping Press-Cutting machines, Pipe Threading machines, and etc.

Multiple assembly lines, High Frequency welding machines, Ultrasonic welding machines, Pad Printing equipment, Hot Stamping, Gluing machines, Sealing machines, Silk Screen printer, Sewing machines, Air brush Compressor, Shrink Wrapped machine, and etc.

Plastic molding
CNC tooling, Lathes machines, Horizontal Milling machines, Drilling machines, Grinding machines, EDM Wire-Cutting machine, and Electric Discharging machines.

Above all, besides the unparalleled customer service, Ho Lee also offers superior R&D team consist of multi-cultural graphic designers, advanced product engineers, superb tooling masters, senior quality controllers with latest certified testing lab instruments and equipments to fulfill customers satisfaction of wants and needs. From a simple idea to 3D drawing, prototype sample making to CNC tooling, mass production to final assembly and immediate product delivery, all can be accomplished at Ho Lee! So stop having trouble sourcing or worrying where to find the “right” factory for your query. If you are looking for one stop shop or long-term business partner, Ho Lee is the place to be. Come and be part of the family!!

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Air Pump Manufacturer

Ho Lee Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing a wide range of Electric Air Pump and Sports Accessory for variety of industry applications reaching markets worldwide. With years of experiences producing Outdoor Camping Wares, Camping Accessories and Garden Appliances, superior quality is guaranteed. Our main products include Pool Accessories, Pool Pump, Filter, Skimmer and Plastic Accessories, which are all with durable quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in durable Solar Showers, Garment Accessory and Oar/Kayak Paddle/Canoe Paddle. Main Product: