Rechargeable Electric Pump
HB-630AN Rechargeable SUP Pump HOLEE


DC12V 20PSI Electric SUP Pump w/ Chargeable Battery

*Market leading professional SUP pump with auto-stop function of 20PSI high output pressure inflation.
* Sturdy construction, ideal for outdoor use and drop-stitch fabric Inflatables.
* Hi-Volume air flow for quick inflation needs.
* Broad range of pressure setting from 1 to 20 PSI max output pressure.
*Extended alligator clips cable for longer reach and convenient use with car battery.
*Inflate your inflatable SUP anywhere and everywhere with battery!
Using alligator clips for direct connection to external 12V batteries terminal to draw power source or with fully charged battery pack

1.Connect one end of hose to the port of pump and opposite end of hose firmly into open valve of the product you wish to inflate.
2.Turn the pressure switch knob to the desire air pressure (PSI) setting, and then press the “ON” button to begin inflation.
3.Once the inflatable pressure reaches the desire pressure setting, pump will stop automatically.
4.You may now detach the hose from the valve and tightly close the valve cap.
5.If the desire pressure is not enough and feels more air pressure needs to be added, then please reset desire air pressure setting and repeat the inflation process.
HB-630AN Series
Rechargeable Electric Air Pump
Pump Size: 23.9x12.2x15.8cm (LxWxH)
Item No.DeflationStandardPressure(PSI)InputOutputAdapter
HB-630AND+VUSA1~20AC 120VDC 12VBatteries
Alligator Clips
HB-630ANE+VEURO1~20AC 230VDC 12VBatteries
Alligator Clips

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