Mini USB Rechargeable Pump w/lamp

.HB-545SL is a lightweight, miniature, fast inflation and deflation rechargeable pump that is easy to carry and use. It also comes with a three-stage lighting function, which is convenient for camping in the wild and can also be used as a camping lamp (with a metal handle, which can be hung on the top of the tent).

.Comes with four universal adaptor nozzles to fit all kinds of air valves, it takes about two and a half minutes to fill a double air bed (75” x 55” x 3.5”), and one full charge can fill approximately 6 double-sized air mattresses.

Fitting diagram of each adaptor nozzle:

.USB charging using TYPE-C
.Built-in 1,300 mAh lithium battery
.Charging time is about 2.5 hours
.It can be used for about 15 minutes after fully charged
.Red light when charging
.Green light when fully charged

Long press (about 2 seconds) the bottom switch to turn on the light, there are three levels of brightness (click to switch)

Mini USB Rechargeable Pump w/lamp
Inflation / Deflation
Pump size (cm): 5.5*4.5*5
Pressure(PSI): 0.5
Flow Rate(m3/min): 0.18
Battery capacity: 1,300 mAh
Power: USB Type-C

Brightnessdischarging time
Low light mode16 LM9hrs30mins
Medium light mode83 LM3hrs30mins
High light mode148 LM2hrs00mins