HAND AIR PUMP(With the 2 built-in Hose Fixeds)

Save Time and Effort, Dual Action Inflation for Easy Convenience
The HB-20011 HAND AIR PUMP(With the 2 built-in Hose Fixeds) is your best choice for inflation tasks! Designed with ergonomic features, including durable handles and footrests, combined with its impressive air output and dual action inflation, this pump allows you to effortlessly complete inflation tasks in no time. Say goodbye to exerting excessive force – simply press down and pull up for fast and efficient inflation!

Versatile and Suitable for Various Inflation Needs
The HB-20011 HAND AIR PUMP(With the 2 built-in Hose Fixeds)'s integrated body structure can handle large-sized or high-pressure items, such as rubber rafts, towboats, banana boats, air mattresses, inflatable boats, and toys, making it the ideal companion for outdoor activities and travels. Additionally, it is equipped with a new-style buckle connector, ensuring a secure fit even during vigorous inflation. With a maximum inflation pressure of 1 bar, you can easily tackle a wide range of inflation tasks.

Multiple Nozzles for Precise Inflation, Catering to Different Valve Types
The HB-20011 HAND AIR PUMP(With the 2 built-in Hose Fixeds) comes with four different-sized nozzles to accommodate various valve types. Whether you need to inflate beach ball, Airbed, or PVC boat, this pump can handle it all with precision. You also have the option to use a pressure gauge to ensure accurate inflation, guaranteeing optimal results with every inflation session.

The wave tube connector can be used on the HI-417 waterbed mattress Valve, and there are three different sizes of connectors that can be used for various types of air nozzles.


Hose Inflation Port

Suitable for HI-417 waterbed mattress Valve

Airbed, etc.


Medium Nozzle

Suitable for Pinch type、Screw type or Boston Valve、Recessed valve

Airbed, inflatble kayak, PVC boat, etc.


Small Nozzle *3

Suitable for Small inflatable toys valve

Inflatable beach ball, Swim Rings, Inflatable Pool toys, etc.

Inflation & Deflation
Cylinder Ø: 100 m/m
Hose :50" / 127cm
Pressure gauge: Optional
Shaft :Plastic
Packing: 1pc/color box, 4pcs/ctn/1.68 CUFT